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The "DANCER OF THE YEAR" Title is a separate competition from our adjudication/overall solo competition at Collide Dance Experience. Dancers can participate in both competitions. Please make sure you understand the differences between overall soloist and Dancer of the Year. 


Our Dancer of the Year contestants that are the same age division will compete against each other so there’s NO LEVELS.  The solo overall competition is by levels. As a DOTY contestant, there are 3 segments (Solo Performance, Improv and Class Audition). 


DOTY titles are given out at both regional and national competitions. Please check off the box “Title” to be entered in the DOTY title competition. This season there’s no additional fee to participate. Each dancer can only submit ONE (1) SOLO to be considered for the title competition. 

The Top 3 contestants in each division, in no particular order, will recompete their solos at The Collide Awards Gala.


Awards will be giving in each division.  Tots, Petite, Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior, and ProAm age groups as well as runner ups. Title contestants must have a combined total score of at least 490 to place for title when there are no other entries in their category. The title score will be a combination score of up to 600 points (300 for their solo performance, 150 for their improv, and 150 for class audition).

Winners are announced in their formal attire. 



Interview 10% (Contestants will be interviewed by a panel of judges)


Class Audition 20% (Contestants will learn a fusion combo)

Solo 40%  (Up to 3 minutes time limit)

Improv 30% (On stage with contestants your age, will do 2 rounds of improv)


Please Note: Regional title winners may not compete for another regional title in that same season. Only regional title winners and first runner ups will be invited to compete for the national title.

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