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Contestants at all levels of the pageant will compete in 4 Segments: 

Couture Wear 

Intro Speech


Global Wear


Additional cost discounted once registered for a minimum requirement of competition and/or intensive workshop.

Contestants and Contenders of all ages. Please note you will compete will all other contestants who are your age. There’s no dividing of levels for Collide “Global Talent” Pageant.


Tots ................… 3 & 4

Petite …............ 5 -7

Mini ..................… 8 -10 

Junior ….......... 11 -12 

Teen ..............… 13 -15 

Senior .........… 16 -19


ProAm ............ 20+


Entries are accepted on a first come basis and are limited by the time restriction for each location.


Our rules are subject to change. We are accepting contestants/contenders that would like to compete in the pageant.


All who are independent must create an account on our online registration system to see pricing, packages and other information. Once submitted there will be a 24-48 hour review and you will be notified thereafter once you are approved. 


Couture Wear 

(High Fashion Runway Attire) Each pageant contestant must model their Couture Wear on stage to present your attire then head to the mic to introduce yourself. Time Limit: 30 seconds maximum Total Score: 15 points (15%)

Intro Speech


(This segment will be done in your couture wear) Each pageant contestant must take center-stage and introduce themselves to our judge's panel. Their introduction can include saying their name, age, hometown, which location you are representing for Global wear, fun fact about yourself, and performance piece as well as any other information they would like to share. This introduction should be no longer than 30 seconds. Please practice and time your introductions. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT MENTION YOUR STUDIO'S NAME ​ Time Limit: 30 seconds maximum  Total Points: 10 points (10%)


Each pageant contestant must take the stage and perform a talent for our judge's panel. A talent piece can consist of one or any of the below combine. (Dancing, Singing, Acting, Musical Instrument etc.)   Props are welcomed but must be minimal and able to move under 20 seconds on and off stage.  Time Limit: 3 minutes max Total Points: 25 points (25%)

Global Wear

Each contestant will pick a location to represent & submit their music for this segment. Location will be on a first come, first basis and must be sent by email to Location is only approved when you receive an approved email. Your global costume must depict that location. Any surprises in the costume such as an additional layer or change in a head piece must be shown during the time permitted. Contestants can use up 30 seconds (pre voice recording) and give a description of their global wear. Time limit: 1 minute max Total Points: 50 points (30%)

Please Note:

Crowning will be done in Global Wear.

All contestants and contenders will enter back on stage in their number order with their age division.

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