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Thalema Williams-Cooper & Tayesha Williams

With over 15 years of experience in dance, intensives, stage performances, pageantry & special events, Thalema & Tayesha wanted to collaborate on a dream. 


They wanted to create more opportunities to bring dance studios, their directors, teachers and dancers together. 


As a sister duo, they both were directors for numerous workshops intensives, competitions, pageants and events back home in St. Croix, in the USA and Caribbean.


We will be the first sister duo from the United States Virgin Islands to hold an intensive and competition of this caliber. 


Collide Talent Productions and Collide Dance Experience is a small business by the amazing Family Owned Business Sister Duo - Thalema Williams Cooper & Tayesha Williams. Their tour will be featured in many states along with the Caribbean. 


The opportunity for small and large studios to come together for education, inspiration, and mutual respect among one another. Our Faculty, Studio Owners, Teachers, Dancers and Parents will have a wonderful time celebrating the arts. 2023 will be launch of the season and the tour will begin in 2024.


Let’s share with you our love for arts. 



Sincerely Yours,


Tayesha Williams & Thalema Williams Cooper

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